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Sports Linked to Rise In Domestic Violence

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January 11, 2007

By Will Hanlon

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Category: Domestic Violence

Mark Godsey over at the CrimProf blog brought my attention to an article from that links athletes with increased instances of domestic violence. However, fans seem less likely to mind when the violence involves one of their favorite athletes:

So why is abuse by athletes not an issue for sports fans? "Here's the deal," said Todd Crosset, a professor at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. "For sport to work, they (fans) have to trust honest effort. Crimes against sports are gambling and steroids. What goes on off the court does not affect the game."

Crossett, who has studied extensively violence by athletes, cited as an example Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Brett Myers, who pitched the day after being cited for beating his wife outside a Boston bar in June. "He didn't commit a crime against the sport," Crosset said. "It's not about sport, it's about their private lives."

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